Hello fellow colour lover,

I'm Sarah the founder of Peachy Parrot. I am from Dublin in Ireland and now live in the UK with my husband and three young boys.

Growing up I was always experimenting with quirky fashion statements. I used to wear odd shoes that were different colours and stuck rainbow coloured feathers around the bottom of my flares. Though this meant I ended up walking like a cowgirl and left a trail of feathers wherever I went, especially if it rained!

I have always loved to express myself through colour and don't think there should be any rules when it comes to decorating your home. It needs to be uniquely you. I don't think we should blindly follow the current trends but instead we should be carefree and follow our instincts and have fun!

I created Peachy Parrot in 2019 to make standout home décor that is fun and uplifting while also having minimal environmental impact. I hope our wide-eyed wonders help you inject playfulness into your home and reflect your individual, colourful personality.

So whether you are treating your feet with our playful bath mats or crushing on our cushions, we have you covered with our smile inducing, eclectic range of soft furnishings.

Last and most importantly, I want Peachy Parrot to be a kind company. Kind to the talented artisans that make every product by hand, ensuring they are paid fairly with both women and men paid the same. Kind to the planet by producing in small batches, using eco-friendly packaging and recycled plastic bottle cushion inserts. 

I am also forever grateful to our supportive customers (who plant a tree with every item purchased) and will make sure they always have an amazing experience when shopping with us.

As a small business we are far from perfect, but I will keep striving to do more.

Thank you for stopping by!

Sarah ✌🏼