Hi, I am Sarah the founder of Peachy Parrot. I am from Dublin in Ireland and now live in the UK.

I grew up in a brightly coloured home, decorated by my Mum who loved colour and interior design. My Dad used to play ‘’The Glad Game’’ with me, where we always looked for the positive in any situation and it had a huge impact on my mindset.

I noticed growing up how our surroundings can impact our mood in a positive and inspiring way, and I would love others to feel that too. My aim is to make feel good home furnishings that will brighten up any space while adding a touch of playfulness. As the artist Pablo Picasso once said "Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions."

After arriving in London from Ireland, I gained valuable skills and experience from running my own small business, a stall in Camden market selling jewellery which I both designed and created.

Now a little older and hopefully a little wiser, a Mum of two young boys with a third on the way, I am delighted to have launched Peachy Parrot. Taking the leap to start felt like a huge aha moment and it quickly became all-consuming in the most wonderful way. I absolutely love the creative process of designing each item and playing with colour.

I am so excited to have found a dream team in India to bring my designs to life, who have the same shared values as me. All the items are made from natural materials and are ethically handmade, ensuring fair and equal wages to both men and women.

I am enjoying building my Peachy Parrot range and I hope the collection will bring sunshine into your home.