How to transform your bathroom using a humble bath mat

If you are looking for a quick and cost effective way to transform your bathroom then look no further than the often overlooked bath mat. 

It's like adding a painting to your bathroom but this time the art is on your floor. They also inject an instant burst of colour and personality into what can sometimes be a sterile space. A beautiful bath mat can not only brighten your space but your mood too. 

I like to have a couple on the go, so I can rotate the different styles and colours to keep things interesting. 

I tend to stick with more neutral colours for the rest of my bathroom accessories and towels so that the bath mat can take centre stage. 

Embroidery on a bath mat!?

You heard it right! If you want your bathroom space to be extra unique then why not add some pazazz with one of our detailed and one-of-a-kind embroidered bath mats. Due to the handmade nature, they are also produced in small batches which is kinder to the planet but also makes yours a rare gem!

Not just a pretty face, they are also practical!

There is nothing worse than stepping onto a cold hard floor with wet feet. I've always hated this. Perhaps it was my fear of catching verrucas at my local swimming pool as a child. I used to walk around the pool and showers on my tiptoes as I hated the sensation!

This could be why I have always loved bath mats. It was one of the first things I purchased for my first flat rental in London and instantly made it feel more homely.

Which Style?

With so many to choose from, it's hard to narrow it down to one, so it's the perfect excuse to experiment. I think my favourite style of bath mat is the bath runner. They look striking and fill up the bathroom space nicely. 

I love baths myself but I also have 3 splashing boys who flood our bathroom at bath time, so the modern bath mat runner is ideal for protecting our very impractical wood floor.
It surprises me runners aren't a staple in every bathroom. I'm convinced once you try a boho bath runner, you won't ever be without it.  

Size matters!

Good things come in small packages and that's certainly true of the mini mats. They are great for smaller ensuites or spaces and perfect for stepping out of the shower or under sinks. The runners as aforementioned are great next to a bath or along double sinks but if your bathroom is on the smaller size perhaps a round or rectangular tasselled mat would work best. 

Not just for bathrooms.

Bath mats in our house have also started migrating into other rooms. My son loved the Cali Rainbow mat so this is now in the playroom. They can also be used in kitchens / utility rooms or as rugs to brighten up smaller spaces. 


Like all things, bath mats can benefit from some care and I love to drape mine over the bath or hang on top of the towel rail to air and dry. After washing in a wash bag on a gentle cold wash and then putting in the dryer on low, I brush them with my tangle teaser hair brush to fluff up!

Now all that's left to do is, make a splash and treat your feet with one of 'Peachy Parrots' uniquely designed handmade super soft bath mats.