Groovy Bath Runner


Inspired by the playful spirit of the 70s, this groovy bath runner shouts cheery fun and likes nothing more than to be splashed and danced naked on! The peachy pink and gold colours are a match made in heaven and will beam brightly in your bathroom from dusk till dawn so the party never ends!

Extra long
This lengthy design measures 132 cm x 56 cm which width is both practical and beautiful, leaving you to soak or splash away while it catches any stray bubbles.

Ethically produced and handmade
Each bath mat is meticulously handmade in small batches by our talented artisans in India. Making your eye-catching item unique and rare.

Luscious long pile
I don't know how many cotton piles make up the Groovy but it looks a lot, probably 5 billion*. Each pile is long, nearly 2.5 cm in length, which makes the Groovy really soft and snuggly. The extra cotton also makes it even more absorbent.

Natural Materials
Made with 100% natural tufted cotton.

Designed in Sussex, UK
Born out of a colour obsessed, quirky Irish designer's head!

Care instructions
Due to the handmade nature of our bath mats, they require a little extra care when washing. It's best to wash on its own for the first wash, ideally in a wash bag as they can be prone to shedding fluff on the first few washes.

Please wash on a cold gentle wash with mild detergent and then use the spin and drain cycle. If you think it needs a little fluffing up after it has air dried then you could gently brush it.

*Sometimes not good at estimating things. Though I have brought window blinds before using only my arms as measuring tape and they fit perfectly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So cosy

Love our new bath mat. Fits perfectly and looks so cute! Don't want to wash it and be without it!

Isabel Micallef
Gorgeous bath mat

Lovely colours and great design. A unique bath mat.

Beautiful and great size

I had been looking for one like this for ages and so glad I happened upon it. Great length for my roll top bath and so soft underfoot.

Tracey Gerdeman
Beautiful Rug

I received my rug today and am thrilled with it!