MESS: Hand Embroidered Storage Basket



For those who want to bring a little order to the household, and give a designated home for all those bits and bobs that haven’t yet made it to their rightful place: behold our beautiful embroidered baskets. You might be needing a couple of these.

Hand woven in Kenya and embroidered by hand in Rwanda, these baskets are ethically made by women working within highly skilled craft cooperatives. We pride ourselves on collaborating with only the most talented cooperatives, so these baskets bring together some of the best talent in Africa.  

The majority of these artisans are subsistence farmers, but prolific drought makes it increasingly difficult for families to make ends meet. Handicrafts such as weaving and embroidery give women living in rural Africa the opportunity to earn a flexible, secondary income and to support their families. Crucially, this work brings autonomy and empowerment to women and to their communities.  

Material:  SISAL & WOOL


30.5CM DIA X 30.5CM H

Please note, due to the handmade nature of the basket, the tone of colour may vary to that shown in the photograph.