Lemonade Bath Mat


Who doesn’t love Lemonade? It's time to add some flavour to your bathroom with this flower power bath mat design. Refreshingly different, it will take you back in time to inject a hip retro feel, bringing 70s California bursting into your bathroom!

Luscious long pile
I don't know how many cotton piles make up the lemonade but it looks a lot, maybe 5 billion*. Each pile is lovely and long, nearly 2.5 cm in length, which makes the lemonade really soft and snuggly between your toes and the extra cotton also makes the mat even more absorbent.

Ethically produced and handmade
Each bath mat is meticulously handmade in small batches by our talented artisans in India. Making your eye-catching item unique and rare.

Natural Materials
Made with 100% natural tufted cotton.

Large size
The lemonade mat is 80 cm in length (100cm with tassels) and 60 cm in width. So it will turn more of that cold bathroom floor into snuggly bathroom carpet.

Giant tassels
Each end is finished with large hand woven yellow tassels that adds a little bit ‘’extra’’!

Designed in Sussex, UK
Born out of a colour obsessed, quirky Irish designer's head!

Care instructions
Due to the handmade nature of our bath mats, they require a little extra care when washing. It's best to wash on its own for the first wash, ideally in a wash bag as they can be prone to shedding fluff on the first few washes.

Please wash on a cold gentle wash with mild detergent and then use the spin and drain cycle. If you think it needs a little fluffing up after it has air dried then you could gently brush it.

*Sometimes not good at estimating things. Though I have brought window blinds before using only my arms as measuring tape and they fit perfectly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chris Scott

Brilliant rug,, lovely service n quality

Katie DAlmeida
So beautiful

Absolute love my new bath mat. The quality is fantastic and I can’t stop going into the bathroom to look at it :)

Faith Gray

Excellent quality. Great it’s ethically sourced

Holly Hourihan
Stunning Lemonade bath Mat

Love it. Gorgeous colours and incredibly soft under foot, really beautiful addition to my bathroom.

Funky, bright and beautiful

I adore this mat.. So much so that I don't even want to stand on it! The tassels are so chunky and fun! Can't wait to buy more!